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Recording quality and velocity mapping are excellent throughout. The other half are multi-mic kits of epic proportions that are only made possible with the Drum Rack. You can control the overall levels of the overhead and room mics and bottom snare mic , although from the chain returns, not the mixer. However, to change the balance on a drum that has more than one mic, as the kick and snare do, you have to go in and do it for every different articulation of which snares can have quite a few, such as straight hits, sidesticks, rolls, rimshots and so on. Apart from that, the Session Drums sound fantastic, and, as far as I can see, should have you covered for just about any kind of music that needs an acoustic drum kit. Smart Priming prioritises available memory to samples that are actually being used. For example, Live looks at which samples are used by MIDI clips on tracks that are not record-armed or in input mode, to see which samples are needed.

If you arm these tracks again, you can see Live briefly re-buffering the samples in case they are played. This worked great on my iMac with 3GB memory and fast drive, but I had the feeling that on my laptop, with its 1GB RAM and nearly full drive, it actually had a slightly detrimental effect, because even simple patches struggled as Live shuffled samples around. Live now supports REX files. The resulting clip behaves much like a standard audio clip, except that yellow lines appear in the clip view indicating slice points, and warping is disabled. Loops can be beat-sliced and automatically placed into a Drum Rack; MIDI clips are automatically generated for playing back a sliced loop. To do anything more than play a loop back, you need to switch to the traditional way of handling REX files: Right-clicking on the clip reveals a new command: This creates a new track with a Drum Rack, and loads the slices onto individual pads. A MIDI clip is also generated with a sequence of ascending notes that will be familiar to beat-slicing aficionados.

When played back, this reproduces the original clip. However, you can now go in and mess with the MIDI clip to change the way the loop plays back. For example, you can quantise the clip, or rearrange the notes to change the drum pattern. You can also play the slices back manually from your MIDI keyboard or pads. A dialogue box gives you the choice to create slices at regular intervals, such as 16th notes, or slice at Warp Markers. The latter choice means that you need to go in and set the slice points manually by placing the markers. Outside The Box The External Instrument device lets you play and monitor Rewire or hardware instruments from a single track. One of my favourite new features is the External Instrument device. Although MIDI tracks in Live can host virtual instruments, and therefore handle audio as well as MIDI, they have never been able to receive audio from an external source.

This has meant that to use a hardware synth, or Rewire application, you needed two tracks: As you can see in the picture below, the External Instrument is ideal for integrating individual Rewire instruments into Live. One thing still missing, though, is the ability to send program changes other than from within a MIDI clip, but this is flagged for future attention by the developers. The new External Audio Effect device lets you create a physical insert point. If you Freeze a track containing one of these devices, Live performs a real-time bounce to capture the audio. This doubles as a really simple way to print all your outboard effects if you move a project to a different location. Live Arrangement Time signature changes and multiple automation lanes in the Arrangement. Time signature changes are added to Session scenes by simply including them in their names. In the same way that tempo changes are handled, you just need to change the name of a scene in the Master track to include the time signature.

Live automatically recognises this, and makes the change when you launch the clip. If you have the Arrangement in record when you launch such a clip, a signature-change marker is placed into the time ruler — a simple and elegant solution. Another useful new feature is the ability to display and work with multiple lanes of automation from a single track. Each extra graph that you choose to view is stacked above the previous one. The lanes can be re-ordered and individually resized. Pressing the plus button on the main track lane pushes the automation graph from that track down to a new lane. This is a slightly awkward way of doing it, but it avoids every lane needing a view selector. In The Mix Apart from the audio engine overhaul, there are some other mixing enhancements. You can call up either of the original models, or a brand new feedback model. The new algorithm mimics the kind of expensive vintage compressors that we all hanker after.

I absolutely loved it. If you want to give a creamy-smooth, warm boost to drums, without adding punch, this is perfect. Very short release times produce a nice harmonic saturation. On synths and vocals it can smooth out levels, or completely flat-line them without distorting or pumping. As well as EQ side-chaining, you can now side-chain Compressor from an external signal. Side-chaining has also been added to the Gate device, and to the envelope follower in Auto Filter, both of which open up new creative possibilities. Live Forever If you use Live for composition, especially if you program your own drums, the Drum Rack alone will make the upgrade too tempting to pass up. REX support and beat slicing, time signatures, tempo nudge, and so on. Personally, as someone who uses Live for composition more than performance, the External Instrument device with its Freeze support is particularly pleasing, especially for Rewiring with Reason instruments.

The instruments and drum libraries make Live a more rounded package. Live continues to mature as an all-round platform for composition and production, as well as a performance tool. There are still things that other packages do better, such as MIDI manipulation and fully fledged automation, but I, for one, am glad that Ableton focus their development on finding elegant and intuitive alternatives to working methods that most of the other DAWs do in the same way as each other. Analog, Electric and Tension also available to purchase separately. Analog is, as you have probably guessed, an analogue modelling synth. Like all the new instruments, it is based on a synth created by Applied Acoustic Systems, in this case, Ultra Analog.

I downloaded the demo of Ultra Analog and was able to compare like-for-like, because the majority of presets supplied with Analog are ports of the default bank from Ultra Analog. The same patches sound virtually identical on both plug-ins. The only difference is the effects: Analog is a fairly standard semi-modular design, with two multi-shape oscillators plus noise, and two multi-mode filters. Signal routing is flexible, with both oscillators featuring a balance control for sending varying amounts to filters 1 and 2. Similarly, filter routing caters for both serial and parallel operation, or something in between. The global parameter page features a useful set of Quick Routing diagrams, which can be clicked to set the controls for common routing schemes. Rather unusually, Analog has two separate Amp modules, which by default are fed individually by the filters. For getting your sound right or wrong in just the way you like it Live has a full range of effects from corrective to creative.

Work with instruments and effects the way you want to. Live provides easy and flexible ways for combining and integrating all kinds of devices. Tools that understand audio, instead of just playing it. Live can convert harmony, melody and beats from recordings to MIDI. Software you can play. And it works with instruments and controllers of all kinds. An instrument for song creation that fits in your backpack with your laptop. Whatever you want it to be. Get a wealth of new devices, and the ability to make your own, with Max for Live — now included in Suite. System Requirements:

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Ableton Live is the only solution designed for each stage of the musical process, from creation to production to performance. In the creative stage, Live is transparent, intuitive and responsive Subcategory: Audio Production & Recording Software. Immediately playable, infinitely capable, Wavetable is a new synthesizer built by Ableton. Shape, stretch and morph sounds using wavetables derived from analog synths, and a range of other instruments and sounds. Introduced the new Ableton Sans font in Live. Introduced new colors in Live . The official YouTube channel for Ableton movies. Tutorials, artist portraits, product info. Want to try Ableton Live? Get a free trial version: veronicaleea.com

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Ableton Live 7

Older Sets will continue to sound the same due to an added legacy mode. Older Utility devices can be upgraded via a button in the title bar. When loading a short sample into an empty Simpler instance, Warp and Loop are now deactivated: Additionally, when a sample is already loaded into Simpler, replacing it with a new one will retain all the previous settings related to warping or looping. Up to 10 old versions of the Set are stored in this folder. When saving a Live Set, the undo history is no longer cleared. The original file and history position are remembered when creating, loading and saving a Live set and the information is used to restore the Live set after a crash. Improved naming and sorting of recorded audio files, by attaching a timestamp to the filename.

Added various changes for Windows 10: Live now supports Jump Lists in the Start menu and Taskbar. It is now possible to associate. Large Live Sets can now be closed 5-10 times faster. Improved the speed of loading samples referenced by a Live Set. This reduces the Live Set loading time considerably. Interface Introduced the new Ableton Sans font in Live. Updated the appearance of clips in both Session and Arrangement View. Added several visual improvements for Windows: When the Alt key is pressed, no letters in the menu bar are underlined anymore. Enabled sample dots on the waveforms. When zooming in, users can now more closely see where their samples are on the Time Ruler. This is achieved via a context menu by right-clicking on the plug-in device either in the browser or in the Detail View. If the setting is disabled, the plug-in will appear much smaller in size, but this helps in cases where the mouse would behave erratically when trying to interact with the plug-in UI.

Context menu items now react when the mouse is released, instead of after the initial mouse click. This makes it possible to drag away from a selection to cancel triggering an item, while keeping the context menu open. Link You can now start or stop multiple Link-running applications at the same time, both on a single device and across multiple devices. Max for Live Max is now bundled in Live, and no longer requires a separate installation. Max has been optimized so that devices load faster and use less CPU. Max is now loaded at startup, instead of when the first Max device is loaded. Added a set of Max for Live control and modulation devices to the Core Library. This includes: Envelope, Expression Control, Note Echo. DS Kick. Live provides easy and flexible ways for combining and integrating all kinds of devices.

Tools that understand audio, instead of just playing it. Live can convert harmony, melody and beats from recordings to MIDI. Software you can play. And it works with instruments and controllers of all kinds. An instrument for song creation that fits in your backpack with your laptop. Whatever you want it to be. Remixing and creating music on the go has never been so easy. Cons A whole lot of options requires a whole lot of learning: It doesn't work with 2 sound cards!!!! If you're a DJ and you want to mix with Ableton, prepare yourself for a whole lot of head scratching and frustration. Why, you ask? Summary Because just setting op the cue is a nightmare. Like I said, Ableton doesn't support working with 2 soundcards simultaneously.

Ableton Live 7